EMF Running Tours - Festival Time
Festival time!
As the madness finally descends upon Edinburgh, our guides are taking a moment to collect and calm themselves, before racing into the full scale visual assault that is Festival Season.

For the whole month of August, Edinburgh is a bustling hive of activity, as every single pub, club, people’s living rooms, transform into venues, and there’s something happening ALL DAY, every day, and all night every night. For the next 4 weeks, Edinburgh will be the biggest arts venue in the entire world, as artists, comedians, street performers, circuses, drummers, dancers, writers, you name it, congregate in Edinburgh.

Whilst the most well known festival these days is (somehwat ironically) the Fringe festival, there’s also the book festival, the international festival, the military tattoo, and others as well, the list goes on! For more information on all the happenings in the city this month, check out this handy Edinburgh Festival List for each of the festivals!

It’s a difficult time for most of the tour companies, as the population of Edinburgh more than doubles, but not for us here at EMF Running Tours in fact, if anything, it serves to highlight something very special about our 5 star experience!

If you’ve been on one of our tours, or spoken to one of our guides, you’ll know that one of the aims of the running tours is to show people the hidden side of the city, the quiet spots that no one else goes to, and as a result, during the festival, we’ll spend about 2 minutes on the Royal Mile to show people exactly what we mean! When you’re doing a 7am tour in February, this is irrelevant, as there’s NO ONE AROUND anyway, but in the middle of August, with almost 2 million visitors in town, the quiet spots are a real relief…. Come along and see for yourself 😉


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5 Stars!
“At this point, I’m obliged to tell you that I’m here on behalf of visit Scotland, and have been assessing the tour,”

Just a small amount of panic sets in at hearing these words… It’s my second tour of the day, and my brain starts racing. Did I give it my all? Was it as good as all the other tours I’ve delivered? I know that I enjoyed the run, the pace was good, the chat was fun, the stories were fluid, relevant, and entertaining, but was it good enough?

Then the waiting game, that horrid period of time when you’re anticipating the worst, as your brain tells you everything you could have done, should have done, shouldn’t have done, and every possible outcome.

The report comes in.

An overall rating of 92%, giving us a 5 Star rating from visit Scotland, the national tourism board.


5 Star

We are now counted among the best tour companies in the entire country, and not just in our field, in the whole Scottish tourist industry. Words cannot adequately describe how excited I am about this! The excitement comes two-fold as well, because yes, I am super excited that it’s us that have been the first running tour to be recognised by the governing body for tourism in Scotland, but it is also a huge step for getting running tours recognised globally as a concept. Come along and see for yourselves why we’ve earned out 5 star rating! 😉


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Edinburgh Running Tours Business Receives Scottish Tourism’s Highest Accolade
THE TEAM behind the Edinburgh Marathon Festival (EMF) Running Tours are celebrating after receiving the highest accolade possible from the Scottish Tourism Board.

EMF Running Tours are believed to be the only such organisation in Scotland to receive a 5 star rating from the national tourism organisation VisitScotland.

VisitScotland’s tourism board stated that the tours, which launched in May 2016, were “a brilliant addition to Edinburgh’s Tourism programme” and that “the strength of the tour lies in the ease in which the group can travel across the city and visit the more obscure and often overlooked features of Edinburgh.”

James Armandary, EMF Tour Manager commented on the company’s success:

“I’m utterly elated to receive the 5 star rating from VisitScotland! It’s really exciting not just for us here at EMF Running Tours, but for running tours as a global concept as well. Scotland are world leaders in tourism, and to be counted as one of the best products that the country has to offer is an amazing accolade.”

“It’s not easy to get 5 stars, and to be recognised as one of the best tours in the country is a great honour. I’m looking forward to growing EMF Running Tours, adding more themes and routes, and continuing to deliver a five star experience to customers from all around the world.”

EMF Running Tours are guided tours around Scotland’s capital city, offering the opportunity to explore Edinburgh in a unique way. The tours last for approximately 90 minutes and allow participants to see unexpected sights mixed in with the city’s rich history & culture. The tours are consistently rated as ‘excellent’ on TripAdvisor and are now positioned within the top 10 outdoor activities in Edinburgh.

Participants can choose to take part in the standard city tour, or there’s a choice of themed tours, including a Whisky and Trainspotting Tour.

To find out more about EMF Running Tours and to book online, visit www.emfrunningtours.com

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EMF 2017
EMF 2017

What a fantastic weekend we had; 30,000 runners descended upon the city for the events, and many of them came along for a tour to get a feel of the place they were visiting. We had guest from all over the world come out with us, from Uraguay to Australia, Hong Kong to Toronto, and between the three guides we put in around 50 miles over the weekend!

We saw a lot of new faces, with around 50 keen explorers joining us, and as a nice surprise, we actually had a lovely couple come along who had joined us last year, and had had such a lovely time that they wanted to go again!

With Nick on board to help, I managed to get away with not doing another accidental marathon this year! I did, however, end up running 18 miles on the hottest day of the year… I drank enough water to rehydrate a dying camel, and still felt really, REALLY weird that evening… We’re no built for the heat up here, and having inherited my grandad’s wonderfully pasty Lanarkshire skin, I’m not in the sun more than 5 seconds before I burn to a crisp!

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part in the EMF weekend events, it was a scorcher of a weekend, and everyone did a fantastic job- runners, race crew, and guides alike 😉


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Singles Night!
Oh what a night!

14 brave souls came out to play on our very first SINGLES NIGHT, in association with Joseph Pearce’s Bar on Elm Row, and what a night we had! A fantastic mix of runners, ages, ability levels, and interests! Everything from iron man competitors in training to gentle joggers, classics teachers and museum staff to army cadets, 6k of chat and jogging, engaging with like-minded singles!

RTJ, as the dedicated cupid for the evening, did his best to take the pressure off everyone else by making a prat out of himself. Silly warm up games outside JP’s, daft stories and nonsense chat on the way around, proved enough of a distraction so that everyone forgot all about the stress of meeting new people and just enjoyed themselves.

What better finishing point than JP’s, where we all clambered into afterwards for a chat and a “recovery pint” as RTJ called it… Having had such a lovely night, we’re absolutely going to do it again, so why not come join us on the 26th of May, 8pm at Joseph Pearce’s for round two?

See you there 😉

Tickets to the event are limited, and available at https://www.emfrunningtours.com/tours/singles/

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