We have a fabulous team of tour guides who all share a passion for Edinburgh’s history and running.

James Armandary
James has worked as a tour guide in Edinburgh for many years. 

With a passion for storytelling, a keen interest in history and a flair for the dramatics, James makes a perfect tour guide. He will be sure to entertain you throughout the tour telling you stories of all the mad characters in history, the ones with great stories that don’t always get told the way they should do.

Born and raised in the North of England, and with Scottish ancestry, and with a passion for travel and adventure, his wealth of historical knowledge melds perfectly with his passion for fairy stories and folklore; the running tours are the perfect way for him to keep his brain in gear! In his own words, “I’m a bit of a greyhound really- I need constant exercise otherwise I go a wee bit mental.”

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Steven Hughes, EMF Running Tours
Steven Hughes
Steven was born and raised across the Forth in The Kingdom of Fife. As a child looking over towards Edinburgh he thought that this was in fact England. If he had been born just over a thousand years earlier, he would have been closer to the truth. Until 954 AD the Kingdom of Northumbria stretched as far north as the River Forth! 

Steven has a keen interest in Scottish history and a desire to give everyone a warm welcome to Edinburgh and Scotland. Steven combines the EMF Running Tours with working as a Housing Support Worker for homeless 15 – 26 year olds and delivering walking tours at Bannockburn Battlefield and Stirling bridge (www.freedomtour.today).

Having started running aged 35 in 2005 he is confident that he hasn’t peaked yet. In his own words Steven says: “EMF Running Tours is an ideal way to stay fit, share the many incredible stories of our capital city and give a warm welcome to those visiting Scotland and local runners who want to learn a bit more about Edinburgh.

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