EMF Running Tours - Festival Time
Festival time!
As the madness finally descends upon Edinburgh, our guides are taking a moment to collect and calm themselves, before racing into the full scale visual assault that is Festival Season.

For the whole month of August, Edinburgh is a bustling hive of activity, as every single pub, club, people’s living rooms, transform into venues, and there’s something happening ALL DAY, every day, and all night every night. For the next 4 weeks, Edinburgh will be the biggest arts venue in the entire world, as artists, comedians, street performers, circuses, drummers, dancers, writers, you name it, congregate in Edinburgh.

Whilst the most well known festival these days is (somehwat ironically) the Fringe festival, there’s also the book festival, the international festival, the military tattoo, and others as well, the list goes on! For more information on all the happenings in the city this month, check out this handy Edinburgh Festival List for each of the festivals!

It’s a difficult time for most of the tour companies, as the population of Edinburgh more than doubles, but not for us here at EMF Running Tours in fact, if anything, it serves to highlight something very special about our 5 star experience!

If you’ve been on one of our tours, or spoken to one of our guides, you’ll know that one of the aims of the running tours is to show people the hidden side of the city, the quiet spots that no one else goes to, and as a result, during the festival, we’ll spend about 2 minutes on the Royal Mile to show people exactly what we mean! When you’re doing a 7am tour in February, this is irrelevant, as there’s NO ONE AROUND anyway, but in the middle of August, with almost 2 million visitors in town, the quiet spots are a real relief…. Come along and see for yourself 😉


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